Click here for today’s reading: Ecclesiastes 4:9-16

Reflection: A friend can be hard to find. The influx of social media makes “friending” and associating with others “easy.” However, developing a trusted friendship takes time, energy, and commitment. And it is one of the best investments you can make. God did not design us to be alone. He designed us as social creatures–not for popularity–but for feeling the bond that only a true friend can bring.

Application: In what ways are you investing in your friends? Are you willing to admit that “thinning the herd” might be practical in order to truly invest? What boundaries do you put in the way of developing that trusted friendship?

Prayer: God, you have so much planned for our lives, and in that, You have given us the desire for human connection, the desire for a friend. May we seek You as we choose to invest in those around us whom You have blessed us as friends. Amen.

Photo by Kriss Szkurlatowski

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