Click here for today’s reading: Ecclesiastes 5:10-20

Reflection: Solomon writer of a rich man unable to sleep because riches are evil, and a laborer sleeping peacefully. Yet at the end, he writers of celebrating the results of one’s labor. But it is not any results–Solomon writers of celebrating the good results. And we know from Matthew that only One is good, and that is God.

Application: What are the results of your labor? Or rather, which results are you celebrating. Maybe the monetary reward has increased (or decreased). Maybe the recognition has increased, or you are seeking to increase it. But that will not bring the peaceful rest or the good celebration. Only those results that are of God are worth being celebrated. What does that look like? Maybe you conquered your sinful use of the tongue today at work–God would celebrate that. Maybe you helped out a colleague that others seem to have shunned. God would honor that. Look at your labor a bit differently, and you will approach your labor a bit differently. Then regardless of monetary or recognition rewards, you will have peace, for you will have worked for treasures in Heaven.

Prayer: God, show us Your will for our work. And may we follow it. Amen.

Image by Fleur Suijten

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