Click here for today’s reading Ecclesiastes 6:5-12

Reflection: Solomon asks many questions, the basis of them probing the depths of vanity. What is this life but vain, he seems to ask. He searches the depths of desire and finds them fruitless. So what is the greater perspective?

Application: What pursuits in life are clouding the wisest perspective you can have? What is God calling you to do right now–right this instant–that you are avoiding? We all have those moments, those callings, those commands–are you going to submit and obey? That, and that alone, is the question of faith.

Prayer: Go , grant us courage to unveil the things we fear, to face, even with trembling, that which you call us to face, that we may gain the wisest perspective on this life You have given. In Jesus’ precious, holy name, Amen.

Image by Julia Sanz

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