Click here for today’s reading: Ecclesiastes 7:1-4

Reflection: Passages like this can seem challenging. Does God really want us to live in mourning? Do we really need to avoid feasting? In looking at the whole of scripture, these would not accurately reflect God’s overall vision for His people. In taking a step back, and in considering the natural human reaction to avoid mourning, this passage seems to advocate for a more balanced approach to viewing life.

Application: Considering your own life motivations, do you avoid sadness and mourning completely? The wise Solomon sees benefit in mourning. God proclaims benefit in a humble approach. Where is there room for you to set aside the focus on feasting always that you may consider all that God has for your life. What if avoiding mourning is robbing your life of a richness of depth, to truly appreciate the whole of life?

Prayer: God, help us see this passage in the whole context of scripture. You long for us to seek wisdom. You long for our lives to be rich by Your standards. Help us be brave to accept the mourning with the feasting, the brokenness that comes before the healing. Amen.

Image by Cecilia Johansson

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