Click here for today’s reading: Ecclesiastes 7:5-12.

Reflection: Ah, patience. The mark of a wise man. What a picture of anger living in the breast of the fool. Does anger live in me? I will admit it has cropped up, and I can say that things appear worse when seen through the eyes of anger. The situation may not change, but patience in the work of God, the work we may not be able to see, brings a level of calm that anger could never reach.

Application: Where might you need patience and prayer over angry action? There may be a situation where the wise action is an assertive one–but in a godly approach rather than one based in wrath. Be prayerful in every approach, that the wisdom of God will rule your spirit.

Prayer: God, You give wisdom to those who ask. Please pour Your wisdom down, overflowing in our spirits, that we may understand and embrace patience. Amen.

Image by Tom Pickering

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