Click here for today’s reading: Ecclesiastes 7:13-14

Reflection: Nothing will come after a man, so what are we waiting for?  God is the One at work.  Why do we believe our feeble-minded efforts trump His?  He makes straight.  He makes crooked.  And we are subject to His will, whether we acknowledge it or not.

Application: So acknowledge it.

Prayer: God, may we embrace the will You have for our lives.  May we quit the fruitless fighting.  May we submit to Your authority–Your almighty, all-loving, all-forgiving authority.  May we live forgiven as we forgive others.  May Your cause go out.  May we get out of thew ay and get swept into its undertow.  May Your glory spread, and may that be our point. Amen, and amen.



Photo by Brandi Fitzgerald

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