Click here for today’s reading: Ecclesiastes 7:15-22


“For there is not a just man on earth who does good and does not sin.” –Ecclesiastes 7:20

There is no room for high-horses here.  You do not have a barn, a pasture, or a horse trailer.  You have no way to shoe it, saddle it, or feed it.  You have no reigns by which to restrain it, and, by golly, it certainly is not broken.  See that horse over there?  Running away as far as its wild heart will take it?  Yeah, that one’s yours–and you’ve got a broken ankle.  Good luck chasing that one down.

Application:  Set aside the notion that you are right.  You’re not.  Even if God agrees with you, you, too, yeah you there, you are just a stinking wretched as you claim all those others to be.  Your motives are just as impure (if not worse for pointing the finger), and there is just nothing you can say to change it.  Except this: “I, too, am a sinner, just like you.”  No chance for personal pride in that statement.

Prayer: God, amy we see us through Your holy eyes rather than the selective lenses that make us look so good because it highlights the faults in others–never realizing the wretched vision we become when we look at others in such a way.  May we reflect Your glory–the glory of forgiveness, the glory of being forgiven.  And may we recklessly, uproariously, unabashedly share it with everyone around us.  May we unstable the thought that we deserve such a high-horse.  May we see our dirty rags, accept the clean white robes, and venture forth, pointing others to the wardrobe of forgiveness.  We are nothing–our lives live to magnify Your name.  Amen….and amen.



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