Click here for today’s reading: Ecclesiastes 8:10-17

Reflection:  This passage highlights something I find difficult to swallow sometimes: God does not work quickly.  His mercy, His patience, and His desire for all men to come to Him  trumps my desire to have quick and swift justice.  And yet, I am so very thankful He shows mercy, patience and the desire for me to come to Him with myself.  For howmany times did the patience result in my turning away from that thing, that thought, that potential action–where had He worked more quickly, I would have been flattened.  He smiles when we return; and He is willing to wait to get that smile.

Application: When it seems that the work before you is not rewarded, or those around you are rewarded unjustly, admit it.  Ignoring the reality of that feeling allows for it to fester, to grow horns, and to spread disease throughout your perspective.  Admit the feeling, then allow God to show you His way.  But be wise: without first admitting the feeling is present, you may be tainting anything He is trying to show you.  Be honest with yourself, be honest with Him, and listen to what He has to say.

Prayer: God, we share your sense of justice–or how we interpret your sense of justice.  Show us Your mercy–show us what that looks like in the every day.  Show us Your patience, that we may understand Your hand.  Show us Your heart for people, that we may catch a glimpse of Your will in each situation.  Show us–You.  Amen.



Image by Peter Caulfield

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