Click here for today’s reading: Ecclesiastes 9:1-8

Reflection: In all his experiences, in all his wisdom, Solomon considered it all in his heart. He sought to explain it all, and in seeking, he pondered. Pondering requires stopping, breathing, reflecting. Pondering demands a complete lack of demands–allowing the thoughts and experiences to roll around in your consciousness while consolidation and contemplation bubble up from the depths of your soul, making sense of what seemed disconnected before.

Application: Do you intentionally ponder? In a world so tied to so much information all the time, I am most often distracted. Distracted by incoming, distracted by the desire to produce. Distraction remains the opposite of pondering. To ponder, I must slow, I must allow thoughts time and space to breathe, and I must be willing to accept the thoughts and wisdom of God to explain those which connect in my heart. Let’s plan on giving ourselves time to ponder that which occurs around us rather than living as a slave to the demands before us.

Prayer: God, may wee breathe, take time, and seek You in the silence that we may understand more Your will. Amen.

Image by Henk L

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