Click here for today’s reading: Ecclesiastes 10:11-15

Reflection: If this passage teaches anything, it is that a fool’s life is unattractive.  Who would want to be swallowed by babbling words?  To be described as multiplied in raving madness?  And really, who wants to be more tired than necessary because they chose foolish ways?

Application: Reflect on these words from Solomon.  Ask God to show you where you allow foolishness to rule the day.  And change your ways.  For who wants what the fool has?

Prayer: God, we seek Your will.  We seek Your wisdom.  And we seek to represent You as cleanly and faithfully as possible.  Take our hand and lead us in Your path.  For only in Your path will we find fulfillment of the soul.  Amen.



Image by Martin Walls

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