Click here for today’s reading: Ecclesiastes 2:17-26

Reflection:  We all have those days.  You  know them.  We try to ignore the feelings, or lecture ourselves that it is not godly self-talk.  But the truth is, we are human, and days when everything around us seems to lack purpose.  Days when all the hard work seems to just be more hard work and less pay-off.  Days when we wonder whether what we are doing really matters.  Then we read this passage that mostly says it is all vanity.  But verse 26–“God gives wisdom and knowledge AND JOY to a man who is right in His sight…”  There is joy in our work, but it comes not from work, but from God.

Application: Have you been looking to actions to bring joy?  Re-center your focus on Jesus.  Work, but work in light of what He is asking you to do.  It may be difficult work, and it may take incredible discipline to continue.  He will provide the strength, and He will bring you JOY.

Prayer: Father God, there is just so much that seems purposeless in this life, yet we know that You brought it all into being.  We ask for a re-focus, a do-over of our perspective, that we may see You in everything–and that we may have JOY.  By Jesus name, Amen.



Photo by Christie Thomas

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