Click here for today’s reading: Ecclesiastes 5:1-5

Draw near to hear, rather than to give.
Instructions on prudently entering the house of God.
How many Sundays,
week after week.
How many weeknights,
week after week,
have you drawn near to serve,
forgetting that seeking is what God truly desires.

Application: Before you walk into the house of God again, stop. Not standing at the door, but right where you are. Decide–right now–that you will no longer enter God’s house with anything–anything–other than a seeking heart. Choose to honor Him by giving Him the only thing He has asked of you: to seek.

Prayer: God, in our love for You, we start out serving for good reasons. Then we allow it to take over our lives. Father, it is You, and You alone we must seek. Help us to see this as the only thing You desire. A broken and contrite heart, seeking to draw near to You. Amen.

Photo by Christa Richert

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