A picture emerges as I scroll through my Facebook newsfeed. I catch my breath. Pausing, breathing, memories bubbling up, emerging from a place unexpected.

Home. Twenty-eight years in one place, years of trying to capture it on film–digital or otherwise. A man, unknown to me, captured the image imprinted on my heart for decades.


The morning sun sprinkling over glistening hills. From such a height, the picture shows stories-high hills as small ripples on the landscape. Small ripples, magnificent in their own right, combine together for a horizon so deep with soil and richness and growth. Life-giving ground.

Such an image, eliciting such a response.

And I remember my Creator. Not because He created this awe-inducing sight, but because He is the ultimate Home.

As I catch my breath at the sight of my heart’s home, my very soul skips a beat at the deep, abiding, adoring, cherishing Home for the soul my Creator embedded within my very being.

That resonant vibration, reverberation, unveils the memories of faith, the life-long reception of God’s love, of Jesus’ salvation, and the Holy Spirit’s comfort. Like an unending receiving line at an incomparable wedding of God’s people, He gives. And He gives. And He gives.

Photo by Tom Schierman

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