Warning: for those who only know me in blogosphere, this post is a departure.  If you gain spiritual insight from this it is a miracle from God Himself.  For those who have met me in real life, this post is, well, normal.  If you really want some spiritual insight today, head over to the daily devotions page.  Otherwise, enjoy!

Internal thought:

Okay, seriously.  I get that you are all “green” and stuff, but really, desperately, honestly, leave me alone!

External language:

“Yes, I am already signed up for that commuter-choose-better-transportation-marathon-challenge-win-us-some-virtual-points thing.”

Internal thought:

Maybe they’ll leave me alone now.

Here in Western Oregon, we are darn passionate about–everything.  I walk to work every morning.  I know, I know, I deserve a parade, a banner, and at minimum a palm-branches waving processional.  But before your shine up your trumpets, my “commute” is 120 steps, and no, I do not work from home.  It is also, oddly, 120 steps at the end of the day–unless I have to get the mail.  So when this “choose a different way to commute challenge” came up at work, I signed up–mostly because I thought it was funny.  Every day, I log in as a good team member and track the number of *miles* I chose “alternate” forms of transportation.

Here’s the kicker.  Sometimes I drive to work.  When the coffee pot was unkind or the eggs have run out, I head down to ye ol’ watering hole to grab me some joe.  And I drive back.  And I park at the office…because that parking space is closer.  So, really, “alternate” forms of transportation would be those days I drive to work by way of Starbucks.  But that is missing the green people’s point, and making me giggle.

Green people.  I totally get your make-better-choices vibe.  I even join in at times, but please, stop emailing me three times a day about how I am saving the planet by walking to work.  It’s just plain common sense–unless I need coffee.


… … …

Image by Robert Linder

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