You are on my mind today. Strong, God urges me to pray for you. I don’t know you; we have never met. I have seen a picture or two. And there is human reason to avoid you, even despise you. But He calls me to different.

He calls me, wildly, urgently, to pray for you.

And so I do.
I do not know the intricacies of the situation before us.
But I feel a bond with you,
one none of us would understand.
But God does.
He knows why He asks me to pray.
He knows how it will impact the situation.
He knows.

And despite all human logic,
I feel a deep, Christian love for you,
for your family,
and ask that He give you wisdom,
and peace.

beyond all understanding,
beyond all rational thought.
Beyond this world,
for only in His accounting
does this matter anyway.
His life,
the life He has for each of us,
a life more abundant
than either of us can imagine.

Bonded together by God,
though we will likely never meet.
I pray for your strength.
I pray for your wisdom.
And I pray you make the hard decisions that are to come.
And I pray for you,
above all else,
that you would have

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