Tomorrow’s daily devotion touches deep. I sit, having just finished writing it, at peace, with an inner sense of calm for the first time in far too long.

There is a halo about me, I am certain, for the contentment that comes from God is one that cannot be limited to a human body. Relaxed, my muscles give way, allowing tension to flow out like an ebbing tide. A quiet, tender vibration emerges from my very being–like a silk thread gently stretched between two pinches with a tiny sway, just enough to move the thread.

The feeling is amazing…quietly awe-filled. And an unexpected reality emerges from the contentment: comfort, so deep, piercing to the soul, undeniably God. Undeniably addictive.

This peace, *this* peace is what faith is about.

May I never forget this moment.

Photo by Hannah Tafelski

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