I was preparing the devotion for tomorrow morning on the Daily Devotions page, and my visual mind showed me something that required great pause.

There I was, typing things about laying the smallest sin at the foot of the Cross, the images playing out in my mind. A quiet scene. A ducked head, for I knew better than to be carrying those sins. And I certainly knew better than to think they wouldn’t eat away at my very core. I squat to lay the sin down, to repent, and to ask for wisdom to not pick that sin up again. My head raises, and the image of quiet humility is broken by the bright sky behind the perfect Cross.

Who am I to think that carrying around “just a little sin” is acceptable?!? If Jesus had “just a little sin,” we would all be lost. The depth of the damage for Him to have the smallest of sins would have been catastrophic. Who am I to think that carrying a little sin in my life is okay?

My purpose in this life is to glorify God. I can only do that with Jesus. And how, if Jesus’ sacrifice required complete holiness, could mine be any different? Does He forgive? Yes. But a fool is the one who keeps picking up the very thing that destroys his wn soul.

I have been a fool.
I will try to be a fool no more.

It will mean a change of habits, a change of behavior, and (gasp!) maybe even asking for some help from my friends.

It will require seeking God first. And letting everything else be whatever it is.

And it will require letting go.

Such is the life of the follower of Christ. He promises life abundant. The sins of this world only weigh me down. He calls me to a life of adventure in Him–who am I to try and drag along a houseful of goods while trying to climb Everest? Carrying known sin while trying to follow Christ creates more dire consequences.

Some will say, including me, that the spiritual life is a battle. And it is. But this battle is more personal, more intimate. It is a battle against my wretched soul, and it is one Jesus walks gently, calmly, and compassionately with me.

The world around me may rage, but my soul will be at peace. For I will seek Him, and whatever will be, will be.

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