Watching the season finale of a particular extreme weight loss show, the final moments concluded and this thought emerged:

Sometimes half is more.

(Spoiler alert if you haven’t watched your DVR or OnDemand yet.) The winner of the show lost 9 lbs short of 50% of his starting weight. For him, half is more.

He is literally half of amount of man he was to begin. But he is more than that as a result of enduring the fire, bringing his body under submission, and fulfilling the necessary discipline to reach the desired goal.

When your heart longs for more and more and more, remember this: Sometimes half really is more. More life, more joy, more agility.

Endure the fire.
Persevere through the trial.
Cut the fat–some maybe literally–all likely spiritually.
Seek the end goal–the glory of God.

Let go of the baggage.
Let go of the past.
Embrace forgiveness, for yourself, and for those who have hurt you.

Cut out the extraneous.
If it doesn’t draw you closer to God,
why is it still in your life?
(Gotta breathe a moment–that was heavy for me.)

Embrace the oxymoron
that sometimes
half really is more.


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