The idea of “seeing” reverses in my mind.
Rather than relying on the seen,
I must, in faith,
rely on the God Who has delivered promise after promise,
miracle after miracle.

The God who saved Isaac from slaughter,
the God who gave Rachel her son,
and opened Leah’s womb.

The God Who loved me so much
He paid the price for my wretched sin.

What is unseen is so much more powerful than what is seen.
The wind is unseen–but we see the effects of the wind.
Terrible effects,
beautiful effects,

Strengthening effects.

It is the wind blowing that causes the tree bark to stiffen,
to strengthen.
It causes the flower stems to strengthen their resolve,
and keep reaching to the sun.

The wind–unseen–but so powerful in growth,
in vibrancy of life,
in ensuring that nature can stand up to the trials that will come.

The Holy Spirit, often compared to the wind,
impacts my life.

So will I rely on only that which is seen?
Or will I trust the God who craeted the seen and unseen
is managing all that my senses cannot embrace.

I go back to the thought
that astrophysicists, the most brilliant minds in the world,
agree there must be at least 14 dimensions in order for this world to work.

We understand four dimension: height, width, depth, and time.

The unseen others
support the very foundations of existence.

And those brilliant minds differ too–some believe 14,
many others believe a whole host of other numbers.
But they agree on the 14.

So when the four I do understand
don’t seem to be painting the picture,
I must remember, my God is the God of the other 10+ dimensions too.

And He is working.


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Last Modified: October 2, 2012

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