Sooo, it keeps cropping up on my Twitter feed.  Authors, writers, bloggers, pontificators–so many wordy-minded individuals participating in a 15 day challenge.

And the spirit stirs–“do it.”

I ignored it yesterday–believing the whisper of “not now” and “not yet.”

But God will not be silenced.

So a day late, here you read–a 15 day challenge.  Each day, writers reflect on a habit or characteristic meant to push to become better and better writers.

Day 1: Declare you are a writer

I remember the first time I told someone I was a writer.  Standing in a Staples, looking for a portable electronic device where I could capture ideas and fit the thing in my purse, the salesman asked what I was looking for–and I told him I was a writer.

He didn’t blink.

It was the first time I had declared it publicly, and I was surprised there was no scoffing.  Vocalizing precious dreams–the nervousness and fear makes us believe the world will scoff.  And the world did not.

Since then, confidence has waxed and waned.  But that declaration will always live in vibrant colors with a wall-of-windows backdrop, anticipating what this moment meant.

Whatever your dream–declare it.  Out loud.  And you will find God will sustain you.

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