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Political savvy is not generally an attribute that describes me.  My terrible lack of poker face combined with an analytical mind and a sometimes sharp tongue can be a dangerous combo platter.  And though I have learned to keep the lips closed and try mightily to create a poker face so every single thought I have is not broadcast to the world, I still fail.

Though I learn to control the negative, I will admit, shifting that to a gracious response is a growth still in progress.  One which I am much more successful with over the phone or in writing–no poker face needed.

There is a show where the strong, woman detective often finds herself on the wrong end of a political situation.  And BrendaLeigh Johnson will say that she seeks the truth regardless of the consequences, which is often on the opposite end of politically smoothing situations.

I hear that.  I experience that.  And…much to my displeasure, I must reject it.  For God gives no excuse to lack gentleness.  He provides no reason to be mean to a fellow traveller–believer or not.  Jesus proclaims controlling oneself.  James presses controlling the tongue.  Paul declares the need to submit all thoughts–which become words–to the glory of Christ.

“There is one who speaks like the piercings of a sword,
But the tongue of the wise promotes health.” –Proverbs 12: 18, NKJV

I must use my giftings to promote health.  These words, revealing my weaknesses, must also point the hope that comes in following Christ.  For when I prioritize His glory, my responses slow, the graciousness emerges, and His heart is proclaimed.


Image by Christa Richert

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