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I am a sucker for a good comparative list.  Black and white comparisons that make decisions a no-brainer bring me joy.  No risk of making the wrong decision when the right decision is so obvious.  Proverbs 13 creates such a list.

The Wise/Righteous:

  • Heeds instruction
  • Eat well by the fruit of his mouth
  • Guarding mouth preserves life
  • Diligent shall be made rich
  • Hates lying
  • Guarded
  • Makes himself poor, yet has great riches
  • Does not hear rebuke
  • Light rejoices
  • Well-advised has wisdom
  • Gathering by labor creates increase
  • Deferred hope makes heart sick–BUT when the desire comes, it is the tree of life (talk about a payoff!)
  • Obedience rewarded
  • Law of wise is fountain of life
  • Turned away from snares of death
  • Gains favor
  • Prudence acts with knowledge
  • Brings health
  • Honor
  • Sweetness to the soul
  • Surround self with wise men
  • Repaid for good
  • Inheritance to multiple generations
  • Love disciplines promptly
  • Eats to a satisfying of the soul

The Fool:

  • Does not listen to rebuke
  • Feeds on violence
  • Wide open lips has destruction
  • Lazy desires and has nothing
  • Wicked is loathsome
  • Wicked comes to shame
  • Overthrown
  • Makes self rich, yet has nothing
  • Riches required as ransom
  • Lamp will be put out
  • Pride brings strife
  • Dishonest gain will be diminished
  • Destroyed
  • Way is hard
  • Fool’s folly well-known
  • Falls into trouble
  • Poverty and shame
  • Abomination to depart from evil
  • Destroyed (again)
  • Pursued by evil
  • Wealth given to righteous
  • Food left in the fallow ground
  • Waste for lack of justice
  • Hate
  • Stomach in want

Which life do you want?  Do you want to be pursued by evil?  Or turn away from the snares of death?  Would you like soul satisfaction, or leave the food in the ground refused to plow by laziness?

Some choices in life are hard.  This one is easy.  Do the work to have the life of the righteous.  Because the alternative is–foolish.


Image by Zsuzsanna Kilian

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