What an interesting word.

We test what we believe by actually carrying it out.  The worn-out example that you don’t sit in a chair you don’t believe will hold you comes to mind.

If you don’t believe you can be whatever it is your heart deeply longs for, you won’t act on it.

I believe I am a writer.  My belief wavers, however, when I think about what that looks like in a year, in five years, in ten years.  What do I believe about this calling God has given me?  –What do you believe about the calling God has given you?

I believe my very soul tremors as I write.  From journaling as a young child to reelections in my “older” age, writing is who I am.  My words reflect my thoughts, which reflect my beliefs.  It is the visualization of the internal realities.  And as I sit on my couch, my head laid back and eyes closed, fingers typing away (grateful I paid attention in keyboarding class in high school–thank you, Mr. Pittman)–my heart spills in the written word.

And I get to see what I am feeling.  No trouble believing that I write–like believing that I breathe.  Where it will all go, however, is more scary than I am willing to contemplate.  So I write, and write, and write.

And pray God will drop dead center in my way and point the way to go.

What do you believe about your calling?


Image by Mihai Tamasila

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