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I am a person who likes predictability.  In a life full of unpredictability, I grasp the predictable like a drowning woman grasping for a life vest.

And in all of God’s unpredictability as seen through our human eyes, I appreciate so desperately when He lays it out straight for us.

“Then you will understand the fear of the Lord and find knowledge from God.” –Proverbs 2:5, NKJV

There it is: a bight shining neon sign stating the “then” to the prior “if”–if I do something, “then” something will happen.  So if I want to understand the fear of the Lord, what must I do?  Putting our reading eyes in reverse, the following is true:

  • receive words
  • treasure commands
  • incline ear to wisdom
  • cry out for discernment
  • life voice for understanding
  • seek as silver, and search as hidden treasure

Then–then I will understand the fear of the Lord.  These are no small tasks.  They take focus, determination, and purposed direction toward the Lord God Almighty.  One cannot stumble into understanding the fear of the Lord.  It must be deliberate.

Yet this is not the only “then” we will receive from these actions:

“Then you will understand righteousness and justice, equity and every good path.” –Proverbs 2:7, NKJV

This is a hot topic in my work world–social justice, equity and making the right choices to support those oppressed by societal systems.  To say that God is not invested in social justice is to completely mis-read His scriptures.  The same actions that lend understanding to the fear of the Lord will give us understanding of social justice.  The wisdom of the Lord leads to justice, equity, and every good path.  Every. Good. Path.

God, may we honor You with our search.  It is the search, the “if”, that produces the “then.”  May we seek Your face, rely on Your Spirit for wisdom, and see Jesus as the ultimate example of wisdom, discernment, and equity.  May His life be our standard; may we settle for nothing less.  Amen.

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Image by Dominik Gwarek

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