Click here for today’s reading: Proverbs 30

It has been quite a month of Proverbs.  As the second month of daily devotions draws to a close, I find in this passage several verses that uphold and encourage me in this writing thing.  As almost any writer will tell you, it sometimes seems these words go out into the cosmos, being read by a few or many, and there are just more words tomorrow.  We wonder about their impact.  We wonder about our purpose in this.  But what we know is this: God has called us to write, our souls breathe when we do, and so we keep on keeping on.  Wherever it leads is up to Him, for all we know is we are called.

And sometimes that is just enough to keep on writing.

“There are four things which are little on earth, but they are exceedingly wise: The ants are a people not strong, yet they prepare their food in the summer; The rock badgers are a feeble folk, yet they make their homes in the crags; The locusts have no king, yet they all advance in ranks; The spider skillfully grasps with its hands, and it is in kings’ palaces.” –verses 24-28

Whatever your calling, keep at it.  Every day.


Image by Michal Koziel

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