Click here for today’s reading: Proverbs 6

God never intended that faith not be planful.  Our life should not reflect lazing about waiting for God to do the work.  God intended that His people be examples to others of righteousness.  We are to plan, to build our storehouses in times of plenty that we may provide for our family and others in times of drought.

He demands mindfulness when it comes to relationships.  We are not to stumble about, “finding” ourselves in compromised positions.  We are to be mindful.

And we are to be free.  These requirements bind not our lives–they release us to live the life abundant promised in John 10:10.  The thief steals and destroys–lack of planning, lack of purposeful thought, and lack of mindful faith steals the life-breath from your very soul.

Step back, review the life before you, and ask God to show you what He would have you do today.


Image by Elvis Santana

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