Click here for today’s reading: Proverbs 8

Wisdom in this passage has quite a lot to say to whomever will listen.  What strikes me, however, is that Wisdom first takes a stand.  Verse 2 belies the foundational pre-requisite to Wisdom’s speech:

“She takes her stand on the top of the high hill, beside the way, where the paths meet.”

She does not just bellow.  Wisdom is thoughtful.  Wisdom plans.  And Wisdom takes a stand before she takes the stage.

We would be wise to do the same.  Before opening our mouths in proclamation, we first consider the end goal.  In work.  At home.  In relationship. And in the line at the grocery store.

Beofre spilling all our thoughts to the world, we first start from a foundation of a stand.

And if it is something not worth taking a stand over, maybe we keep those thoughts to ourselves.


Image by Jamie Brelsford

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