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In education, we speak of learning objectives for courses, services, and programs. What is it that we hope students will get out of the experience?  What are they supposed to learn?  And then how are we going to know if they have gained that after the experience?

The learning objectives for Proverbs are deep and broad:
–to know (wisdom of understanding)
–to perceive (words of understanding)
–to receive (instruction of wisdom, justice, judgment and equity)
–to give prudence to the simple
–to the young man knowledge and discretion

Our daily delving into the chapters of Proverbs are set to achieve these objectives.  I would purport that the whole of scripture is meant to refine our lives in the same way.

As you reflect on Proverbs 1 today, consider these questions:

  1. What does God what you to know?
  2. What does God want you to see?
  3. What is God wanting you to do?

Embrace the simple prudence God offers.  Humbly accept the teachings that will refine your life to be more and more like Jesus.

Lord, may we come before you as disciples, students of Your teaching.  Cleanse our hearts that we may receive what You desire to teach.  May the Spirit be heavy on our hearts that we may be continually aware of Your presence.  Amen.

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