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Verse 26 stops me in my tracks:

“…she has cast down many wounded…”

Are you wounded?  Are there wounds in your life that have not been healed, not been bound?  Those are your weak points.  And they will continue to be so as long as you avoid the Healer.

Those weak points attract the harlot.  The harlot of relying on self rather than God.  The harlot of working to exhaustion to prove yourself worthy when God has already deemed you as such.  The harlot of selfishness, seeking only what you want at the expense of everyone and everything else around you.

Life stinks.  Hard things come.  Battered, scarred and bruised serve as hallmarks of the faithful.  But bound wounds prevent infection.  Bound wounds heal.  From bleeding gash to battle scar, only a bound wound protects the precious innards required for life.

“He heals the broken hearted and binds up their wounds.” –Psalm 147:3, NKJV

Whatever the wound, ask the Healer to bind them.  The antiseptic may sting a bit, but not nearly as much as the heart fallen victim to the wiles of the devil’s harlot.

Let Him bind your wounds.
Let Him.


Image by Belovodchenko Anton

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