Into the Twitterverse I went,
unknowing what God had in store.

Reading through 140-character thoughts
of those I know in real life,
and those I think are funny, inspiring, and humbly driven.

I stumbled upon one–
one who is known
by someone else.
A “retweet” strikes me, and so I drop into the Twitter tornado
that often ends with a disappointed shrug.

But God showed up.
He made Himself known
in the witty, deep, revealing, wise words
of a person of whom I had not previously known existed.

And some time later, I click the “follow” button.
I sign on to read those tweets daily,
even more often than that.

Jesus is like that.
One bread crumb at a time,
He draws me in.
He makes me laugh.
He reveals His humor,
His depth,
His quirkiness,
and His love.

Oh, His love.

I saw Jesus today on Twitter.
Stumbled upon Him,
evidenced in another,
and I will be forever changed.
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