“Who can find a virtuous wife?  For her worth is far above rubies.” –verse 10

Rubies are among my favorite gems.  The depth of color, the facets refracting light to create sparkle…a fascinating gem.  And though all would be called “red,” each color has a hint different tone.  Each facet refracts light differently from the next.

Such is a woman.  Sparkling in the light because of the pressure used to create it in the dark.  Refracting light all over the room due to the cuts in the exterior, the flawlessness of the interior.  A ruby is hard and precious at the same time.  Strong and deep while portraying delicacy and beauty.

We seek soft, forgetting that gemstones are hard.  Graciousness can exist with strength–and truly, it is the only combination in which graciousness actually works.

God sees the complexity of a gem as being far less precious than that of a woman.  Commit today to see yourself and He sees you.  Precious, strong, pressured, spreader of Light, deep, colorful, beautiful.


Image by Supreet Vaid

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