“She seeks wool and flax, and willingly works with her hands.” –verse 13

Seeking.  Whether this be a summation of wisdom’s behavior or a specific action of the virtuous wife alone, seeking provisions that can be made into something else seems important in the kingdom of God.  The Ultimate Creator, He has given us the spirit of creativity as well.  And He knows we feel satisfaction in creating, in producing.  Seeking the parts so as to make the whole, He gives us opportunity to stretch our creative muscles and find satisfaction in our work.

But our attitude means so much.  The virtuous wife “willingly works with her hands.”  She is willing.  Not begrudging, or cynical, or dreaming of another line of work.  She willingly works with her hands.  It is not difficult to get her to work.  In partnership with seeking provisions, her willing spirit makes her a pleasure to be around.

How might this impact your day today?


Image by Gary Scott

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