“She girds herself with strength and strengthens her arms.” –verse 17

She Loves Magazine is running a link-up post through tomorrow where women bloggers are honoring what God has given, admitting where the person has failed the body, and accepting the scars of life.  It is a powerful read of redemption, rebuilding, and celebrating.  Women learning and proclaiming that scars are nothing to be ashamed of–they are simply postcards on the road of life.

And then I walk into this verse.  “She girds herself with strength…” When I think of strength, I immediately think body strength.  But the testimonies from the link-up proclaim a whole deeper strength–and one God would be mighty proud of His daughters having.  Strength of spirit carries when the body fails.  Strength of conviction endures when the world screams for change.  And strength of character builds trusting relationships at a time when image seems to outrank integrity.

There is much to be said about inner strength.  And much to be celebrated.

And God knows something more powerful.  Inner and outer strength.  “…and strengthens her arms” Strengthening the body, in whatever way you can, builds internal discipline as it builds external ability.  As a woman with chronic back pain, I know the limitations that come with trying to strengthen the body.  I know the days where the pain outweighs the strength.  And I know that somedays all I can do is walk whenever I can.  But there are other days–days when I can do more.  Days when strengthening my body doubles as a stress reliever.  Days when rest aligns with water intake aligns with schedule aligns with low pain–and I can stretch and strengthen.

God calls us to be strong.  He calls us to be strong inside and out.  And He knows the bodies He created for us–He knows what strong looks like amid limitations.  Follow His lead and He will show you His idea for strong in you.


Image by Simeon Eichman

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