“What, my son?  What, son of my womb?  What, son of my vows?” –Proverbs 31:2, NKJV

As an organizational trainer for years, I learned the first lesson of training is to build a connection with your audience.  Whether you know them or not, you stand before them as an authority on whatever it is you try to teach.  It may be that they know you in one realm of your life, yet you stand before them trying to teach in another realm, building a connection brings legitimacy to the imperatives coming.

The mother does the same here.  She does not rest knowing her son has heard her voice innumerable times over his life.  She reminds him of who he is to her.  She reminds him of the intimate connection.  She reminds him of her deep love for him that he may listen to her words.

God reminds us of the same.  His mercies are new every morning, that we may remember His intimate provision for us, His children in which He delights.

Remember, the next time He corrects you, He is your intimate Creator, Savior and Friend.  He longs deeply for your better life.  And He speaks from a deep-rooted place of love and affection.

You can trust Him.


Image by Mario Alberto Magallanes Trejo

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