“Strength and honor are her clothing. She shall rejoice in time to come.” –verse 25

When someone sees you, your clothes set a stage for the rest of you. They may not know the intimate insights into your very soul–but your clothes create a message. Using clothes as a metaphor brilliantly shows the impressing that we leave.

What impressions do you leave in life? I long for strength and honor to be mine. May God do whatever work necessary for that to become true.

Image by Allie Hylton

2 comments on “Day 25: Leaving Impressions, Proverbs 31:25

  1. Allie

    I absolutely agree that clothing sets the stage. Modesty is absolute key. How short are your shorts/skirts/dresses? Are you wearing high heels to bring attention to your legs? How low are your tops?

    1. jennifer Post author

      When I was in college, I would use my friend’s husband–would this make “Bob” (not his actual name) stumble? My love for her and my respect for him was a very real point of accountability for me–and they never knew it. 🙂

      At the same time there is another side in clothing–are you wearing huge clothes to hide from the world in fear? How is that fear manifesting itself in other ways? An interesting rabbit hole this can be.

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