“She opens her mouth with wisdom, And on her tongue is the law of kindness.” –verse 26

Just this morning I could have used a pause.  When I walk into the office, I am often already far down the to-do list in mental preparation for the day.  I blow by the front office before my staff have arrived and boot the computer.  As I walk out for a meeting, I speak of work to my staff.  And *then* I say hello.

We laugh.  Because I will always, eventually, catch myself, apologize, and press pause on all the other thoughts so I can connect with my staff.  It is a daily goal to connect with them personally.  And it is a daily effort to step outside of tasks to align actions with priorities–that my people far outweigh any work need we may have that day.

That pause, when mastered, portrays my value of people.  That pause gives me opportunity to speak in wisdom and care and kindness.  That pause is the process of sanctification in my life.  The Spirit works in those pauses.

Where might you need to press pause on one thing so your priorities shine through?


Image by Emilien Auneau

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