“Let they drink and forget the law, and pervert the justice of all the afflicted.” –verse 5

The verse prior to this one spoke of princess and kings not using alcohol.  This verse shows the “why”.

Our individual actions impact others.  The image from this section of scripture is one of an intoxicated prince forgetting the law and acting in a way that takes justice from the afflicted.  Your choices and my choices have no less dire consequences.

When I decide that saying the snarky comment is more satisfying than walking away, I erode the relationship I had/have with that person.  When I choose to not exercise, which seems a personally impacting decision, it alters the amount of stress relief I feel–and thereby alters how I interact with others, usually not in positive ways.

And when I choose to fill my mind with scripture, I experience more patience–and so do those around me.  When I choose to fill my mind with righteousness, a smile is quicker, a gracious word is more likely on my tongue, and wisdom usually comes before I decide to act.  When I fill my heart with beliefs in God’s promises, I find new strength everyday rather than feeling overwhelmed with thoughts of the future.

My personal decisions impact those around me–whether I like it or not.


Image by Razvan Cimpeanu

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