“Give strong drink to him who is perishing.  And wine to those who are bitter of heart.” –verse 6


Sometimes the situation needs a break.  A deathbed vigil sometimes needs a prayer–and really, sometimes it needs a joke and a laugh.  Sometimes the health problems need a good dose of ridiculous in order for our hearts to survive them.

I broke my ankle as an adult years ago, and the first Sunday back at church I had to sit in the “sacred” pews–you know, the ones in the front that NOBODY sits in for no other reason than they are in the front–so I could swing my leg up on the pew to keep circulation moving in the throbbing foot.  I had struggled with crutches in the snow, with trying to carry liquids while living alone, with an unfortunate allergic reaction to the morphine the docs gave me, with a terrible first and second doc (before getting a really great one), and trying to NOT lose weight with the crutching because my brother’s wedding was coming up and the dress couldn’t be altered.  (And I throw a great pity party.)  That morning, God cut through it all.  Every single song–and I mean EVERY one–either had something about falling down, getting picked up, or being broken.  You see, I feel down the stairs–that’s how I broke the ankle.

And in my exhausted state, I started laughing–in the front pew where everyone could see.  They, kindly, attributed to pain killers.  I was just having a ball laughing with God about the silliness of my situation.

It just needed a break. (HA).  Sometimes a heavy situation just needs a break.


Image by Graham Briggs

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