“Let him drink and forget his poverty, and remember his misery no more.” –verse 7

We have all been there.  Having a great dinner or conversation, forgetting the world’s cares and the life that begins again in the morning.  You’re not doing anything unholy, just enjoying the night with friends–then the bomb drops.  “So, how about all those starving people?”

Really?!?  We’re laughing about some silly joke and someone drops the serious-bomb in the middle of the conversation.  **Crickets…crickets…crickets…***  To speak of anything less serious seems shallow…though we don’t want to talk about that either.

Here’s the kicker–we do that to our own spiritual lives!  We are the serious-bombers of what would otherwise be funny and light-hearted.  So the four-year-old ran up on stage during the congregational prayer–so what?!?  That, dear friends, is what four-year-olds do.

So the car didn’t start this morning (true story)–is it time for serious introspection about the necessity, or lack thereof, of cars?  Or is it time to thank God for roadside assistance, that He inexplicably had you grocery-shopping mid-week, and that you walk to work anyway?

Can’t a morning just be a morning, grateful for the chance to go again–rather than a crushing judgment as to why you aren’t reading twenty chapters of scripture to get your day going?

Stop serious-bombing your life.  God wants you to live abundantly, and believe it or not, that includes some enjoyment here and there.


Image by Sigurd Decroos

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