Saturday night was interesting.
Like the building waves on the ocean shore,
I felt the culmination coming.
And come it did.

As I lay in bed, the quiet Spirit whispered,
“Tomorrow, live the life you want.”

For…ever, it would seem…I allowed mid-life crisis style thoughts to wall in my perspective on life. Dreams seemed not just unattainable–but that I had no impact whatsoever.

I do not like feeling helpless.
I do not handle it well.
And yet, I let that helpless feeling dominate the innermost parts of my heart.

The Spirit’s whisper
was not one urging me to take control of my life.
Instead, it was one of powerful submission.
God has a life for me–one that is playing out in parts and yet to be fulfilled in others.
The one before me today is the one where I have impact.
If I want to be healthier, I will make healthier choices–not tomorrow, today.
If I want to be stronger, I will make choices to that end today–not tomorrow.
If I want a deeper prayer life, I will make time for prayer today–not tomorrow.
If I want a clean kitchen, I will do the dishes today–not tomorrow (ugh).

Today is the life I have.
Just as He gives this daily its daily bread,
He gives this life to us daily.
I must live today as today–not as a precursor to the life I want, but as an active day, one day, in that life I want.

So today, I live today.
Tomorrow, I will live tomorrow.
And the discipline needed to make the decisions needed today will come from God. For He goes behind and before. He both paves the way and protects the 6.

He has given this day today.
So today, I will live it.

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