God longs to change our lives.
Jesus came that we might be reconciled, should we choose to be.
He came that life would be abundant.
No more ho-hum confusion.
The Spirit directs here and there.

But do I listen?
Or rather, what does it take for me to listen.

I once worked with a man who said,
“I told God that I was going in a particular direction, and if He wanted me to change my path, He was going to have to kill me to do it. I’ve been laid out in the hospital three times, but I’m not dead yet.”

(Take a moment. Now take another when you realize this is a pastor who lives by this creed.)

God did all but take his life, and still, he is going his chosen way.

Though I can say I have not (yet) required a life-threatening event to change my life. But sometimes, sometimes in my hard-heartedness, it does require a bit of an explosion to get my attention.

The Spirit, at times, calls in for heavier ordinance–He closes HIs eyes and God lobs in a hand grenade to get my attention. Not a kill shot, and rarely even an injury. But sometimes it takes that kind of mass confusion to shake clear and re-focus.

But other times, those sweeter times when I just need a little poke. Sometimes, the artful Hunter takes aim with a well-sharpened harpoon–straight to the problem, straight to the issue. And I am soft enough to take the poke, realize the issue, and do what is necessary to alter course.

So much vies for our attention.
God is jealous–He seeks our attention because He seeks the best life for us.
He will get your attention.
Will it be in death?
Will it take the explosive hand grenade?
Or will the precise harpoon do the trick? The minor poke, piercing that which requires a setting aside, a passing away.

Your choice: harpoons or hand grenades?
Image by Svilen Milev

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