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“Offer the sacrifices of righteousness, And put your trust in the Lord.” –verse 5

The sacrifices of righteousness are not what you think.
We see those around us, you know the ones. i call them the MaryAnn Largents of the world. MaryAnn was a quiet, godly woman, quick to smile and offer a hospitable home. and on the day of my high school graduation, she touched my elbow in the church narthex, and as quick as a drive-by blessing, she quietly rocked my little world: “I have prayed for you every day since you were five.” And off she went on her way.

Four years later, I would graduate college…and she did the same thing.

This woman, whose indominable faith and quiet humility marked her at all times, changed the world, one prayer at a time. She would rock my world again years later. I Sunday School she confessed, well into her seventies by that time, that she still didn’t understand God. Well if MaryAnn Largent was still confused by faith, then I needn’t be so hard on myself.

The sacrifices of the righteous are not to model ourselves after another’s sacrifice. I will never, EVER have MaryAnn’s hospitable spirit. Ever.

But God asks of me diffent sacrifices than He asked of MaryAnn.
Both of us righteous.
Both of us teachers, but in different ways.
What God asked and asks of me is different.
And that, alone, is the sacrifice He asks of me.

He may call you to hospitality.
Or teaching.
Or writing.
He may call you into service,
But even that looks different.
One serves his country, going to war to defend you.
Another serves the homeless,
Another the church,
And another the small children in a public elementary school classroom.

Whatever God is asking is the sacrifice He asks.
Stop looking to give another’s sacrifice, for it will not fulfill.
Do only what He asks.
And He will call you righteous.
Image by Amy Burton

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