Psalm 7

By the measure we use, we will be measured.

This common saying, even having biblical foundations, speaks to a self-reflection in the act of looking at others’ behaviors.

Before calling down the fury of God, are you, like the Psalmist, willing to ask God to first judge you?  Do you set aside your anger long enough to first get your own house in order?

For when you do, you will find a well of grace a mercy, first for yourself, then flowing forth to the one with whom you are angry.  Sometimes, yes, it will mean that you do not express the anger.  But sometimes, it will humble you that you may have a corrective conversation in a way that the other might actually hear.

Nobody changes as a result of a rant.  They do, however, have a better likelihood of changing if approached by one who understands their own faults first.

Take a pause.  Measure yourself first.  Then, with the guidance of God, approach the other.


Image by Diego Medrano

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