I thought my hands were weak. I thought my grip lacked power, pressure, and the ability to tightly hold on. I considered strengthening exercises. I wondered if a history of tendonitis would prevent strength from every being there again.

All those verbs are past tense.

I thought my hands were weak. I was wrong. And it took making dessert for new friends to show me.

Eight zested and squeezed lemons later, no weakness, no weariness, and plenty of lemony flavor later, I looked down and realized my wrongness.

I thought my hands were weak. But in the act of preparing dessert for others, I simply went for it without considering the possibility of their weakness. It was only afterward that I realized.

I thought my hands were weak–but they are strong.

Where have you believed the lie of weakness? Where has God made you strong without realizing it? Where have you counted yourself out of the game before the clock even started?

Jesus takes the weak. He takes the weary, the broken, the diseased, the wretched–and He makes them strong. He takes what the world destroys and builds them into His army. He takes the rejected and makes them His bride.

Where have you believed weakness where Jesus has given you strength?

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