Jesus scares me.
He makes me nervous.

If you have read my stuff, you might notice I don’t mention Jesus much.
Yes, I follow Him,
but I don’t get Him.
He makes me nervous.

I write of loving God and following His commands,
I write of being led by the Spirit and listening to His promptings,
but Jesus…oh, Jesus.

I don’t get how a man, even a perfect man, would come to the earth knowing beforehand He would be misunderstood, hated, beaten, killed in horrifying fashion, only to raise again and have generations of people think He’s just an alright kind of teacher.

I don’t get how He will stand toe-to-toe with Satan, staring Him down because no words need to be said, all for the sake of offering an out for billions of people to know eternal life.

I don’t get why He keeps enduring, keeps patient, and keeps putting up with us when we claim we want a better life and then deny the ways He is telling us will get us that exact thing.

I don’t get Him.
I don’t understand the kind of character it takes to do those things with absolute and perfect love in His heart for the ones for which He does them.

From the right hand of God, to a humble stable, to a humiliated cross, to the right hand of God–still to be rejected by people…and yet He does it for His love of them all.

That Jesus–He flat scares me.

One thought on “Jesus Scares Me…

  1. Jenn,
    I agree that Jesus is scary. Jesus is not my homeboy or anything that we want to make him. He is. And yet he is as close to us as our own beating heart. What I love is reading about Moses, Isaiah, John the Apostle falling down on their faces before King Jesus in absolute awe and wonder. They fell down like dead men and yet we treat him like he is so much less at times. Thank you for writing about his unsearchable, unchangeable nature. Praise the Lord!

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