I sent the email today.

“I will be unable to…”

These words never come easily to me.  To say no to something that has been part of my life for the past six years came slowly.  I knew nearly three months ago that I should say no.  And today, I did. As an hour passes since I hit send, I realize the fullness of my life. Activities that had their place at one time no longer do.  Keeping them around robs my current life of something else God has planned.

I appreciate the years that brought experience, community, and the opportunity to apply my education and experience in a different way.  I wonder what God has in store for the time that will be freed up in my schedule.

There is a purging coming.  My home is filled to the brim with things that have outstayed their time.  Family, friends, and local charities will experience an influx of items looking for their next life.

Carrying baggage of a too-busy life. Carrying baggage of too much stuff.

We carry so much baggage.  I carry so much baggage.  Afraid of letting go for fear of the unknown of what is to come.  Yet God is there.  He knows what He has planned.  Letting go of baggage that has weighed down my journey frees space for other things.

Laying down that which I have held so closely for so long, that which has outlasted it usefulness in my life, leaves room. My new quest is leaving room…

Leaving room…for God to drop-in the unexpected.
Leaving room…for spontaneous trips with friends.
Leaving room…for a new venture, new idea, new experience.
Leaving room.

Really, leaving room for God to work.  He flexes and bends and blows in and out; He pushes and pulls and stretches.  A life packed full has no room to move with Him.

So here I am.  Leaving room.

Image by Fred Fokkelman

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