Today’s Reading: Psalm 41

 “…heal my soul…” –verse 4

Have you ever been in the presence of someone who understands the wretchedness of their sin? Their behaviors may not be perfect, and may even reflect the same decrepit sin.  But they know it.

They seek not to cover over the sin. They seek for it to be eradicated. I know such a man. The weight of this knowledge brings him humbly to the Lord. He is someone who knows his soul needs healing.

As I type, music plays.  “I am a thief/ I am a murderer/ walking up this lonely hill…” words performed by Third Day in a song called “Thief.” It is this song that conjure memories of the humble man. When he heard this song, he saw himself–and he sought to glorify God in usuing it for a ministry purpose.

Like the psalmist, like this man, I long to understand that the deliverance I need is from my own soul. The humility of seeing our own wretchedness in the light of Jesus’ perfection–for this is what I long. Not a place of shame, but of glimpsing the thickness of His mercy and grace. Grasping a mere understanding of the depth of His love.

And hearing Him say, as he lifts up the humble head, “Well done. Keep going.”

Image by  Patrizio Martorana

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