Today’s Reading: Psalm 42.

Where is my hope?

I read a blog post today that highlighted a thought I have pondered. When did I start believing that my relationship with God was some deal that we struck? That if I did x, y, and z, then, clearly, He would give me exactly what I wanted in this life in the timeline that I wanted in the way that I wanted.

If there are any if/then’s in relationship with God, it goes the other way.  If God loves me (and He does), then I should love Him back (and I do). Period. That is faith in a nutshell.

His love for me does not require me to do anything to receive it. Where did I start believing that my love for Him should be any different? Why should I expect anything but what He gives me?  Yes, He does want to hear our hopes, dreams, and desires–but where did I believe that if my hopes were “right”, my actions were “right”, and my heart was finally right enough, then He would dispense what I desired like some sort of sad piggy bank.

I have always known there is nothing I can do to earn His love.  How freeing to realize that there is nothing I can do to earn His blessing either. There is no earning–only gentle fellowship.

Image by Charles Thompson

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