Today’s Reading: Psalm 44

God doesn’t ask for a false sense of security. He doesn’t ask us to mask our feelings, change our countenance, or pretend the world around us does not exist. He asks for a broken and contrite heart. He asks for a willing and honest spirit.

The psalmist is honest in his expression of confusion. He knows not where God is in the situation, and he says it–to God. He feels confusion at the life of God’s people, and he shares it–with God. The psalmist remembers where redemption comes from, and he speaks it–in prayer to God.

Troubles, confusion, and redemption need not be distinctly opposite experiences. God asks us to be real–complicated, complex, and real. He knows that healing and leading sink deepest when the soul’s soil is upturned. He wants us to be honest, for then we can experience change.

Plastered masks of “everything’s fine” gets us nowhere. Be nakedly honest with God and see where He leads you.

Image by Colin Brough

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