“But God will redeem my soul from the power of the grave, for He shall receive me.” –verse 15

In the book of Esther, one of the many turning points raises is when she appears uninvited before the king. The adrenaline rises as you realize this could be the death of her. Appearing before the king uninvited was punishable by death. Nobody crashes the king’s chambers. And this particular king had already been publicly disrespected by his previous wife. His pride and her life were on the line.

But he extended his scepter and her life was spared. The king received her intrusion and listened to her words though he had every reason not to do so.

Such is our standing before God. He is king. He need not invite us to His chamber (though He has). He could leave the door closed, the invitation unsent. And should we try to crash His kingdom, He has every right to order a hit on us.

But He does not. He extends the invitation to all. And to those who thought they were coming uninvited, He extends the scepter and shows them they were welcome all along.

God receives us and saves our soul from the grave. May we praise Him continually in remembrance of His great love. May we extend the same welcome to those around us, that His kingdom truth be proclaimed among all the invited.

Image by Anna Wolniak

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